The Caribbean in the heart of Europe

The island of Vis

One of the most beautiful and peaceful islands in Europe

The island of Vis is a Croatian island located in the Adriatic Sea – one of the warmest and cleanest seas. The southern coast of the island is made ​​up of many beautiful bays and coves. The sea here is crystal clear. The Vis is an ideal place for those who love peace and quiet, as well as for active sportsmen.

Satisfy your appetite

The island of fresh food

Enjoy excellent fish and local wines in the local pubs and fish restaurants, where they prepare food using only the fresh ingredients. Fresh food straight from the locals is also available at the traditional marketplaces. Fruit and vegetables as well as cheese, figs, olives and much more.

Points of interest

Lots and lots to do

Join the local diving club in Komiža, use excellent conditions for sailing, windsurfing or sea fishing. Go horse riding, enjoy bike trails and hiking trails throughout the whole island. If you love adrenaline activities you can also try air gliding. Visit the island of Biševo with a fascinating Blue Cave or the island of Ravnik with its Green Cave.

Points of interest

If you like history

Near the town of Vis there are preserved fortified walls in Gradina and the ruins of a former Greco-Roman settlement called Issa. On the Prirovo peninsula, where there is now a Franciscan monastery, the remains of a Roman theatre have been unearthed and on the coast from the east side lies the ruins of a Roman agora.

Above the town Komiža is the prominent Monastery of St. Nicholas from the 13th century. On the northwest edge of Komiža stands the Renaissance St. Mary’s church Gospa Gusarica, which is interesting both for its architectural and interior design.

In Komiža there is a fortress from the 16th century with a fisheries museum. Among the most interesting places on the island is Stiniva cove on the southern coast which offers a pebble beach produced by a collapsed cave ceiling. It is protected as a special geomorphological natural monument.

Get around

Places worth stopping by

One of the places you definitely should visit is the Grandovac bay (Grandovac beach) which is considered to be the most beautiful beach in the town.

Rukavac bay southeast of Vis is known for its beautiful pebble beaches. It is possible to rent small motor boats here. Entry into the sea is gradual, not steep, and is therefore especially suitable for children and non-swimmers. The bay offers excellent conditions for water and beach sports, especially beach volleyball, diving and windsurfing. There are also restaurants where you can enjoy local seafood specialties and wines.

To the west of Rukavac bay is the gorgeous Srebrena with two snow-white sandy beaches – Big and Small Srebrena. The large pebble beaches are separated by rock formations. The sandy beached Milna cove lies to the northwest from the town of Vis. Mala Travna cove is surrounded by rocks and has a pebble beach. In the cove is a small restaurant in a traditional old stone house.

Stiniva cove lies southwest of the town of Vis and has retained its unspoiled beauty. The cove is notable for its shape, tapering to a narrow entrance into the final section, where it extends into a picturesque area hidden between the rocks. At the very end of the cove is a perfect area for swimming with a nice small pebble beach. It is also an ideal place for scuba diving, with spectacular jagged rocks below the surface and full of caves and overhangs.

Smričevica cove is surrounded by cliffs and with a pebble beach. Other coves to the west of the island, for example, Taleška, Duboka, Metudole are less accessible to tourists due to the rocky and unsettled coast. For the most part only yachtsmen go there.


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